Keywords Research Tips

Keywords Research Tips

 One of the first steps involved in optimizing a web site is doing the keyword research needed to identify valuable search terms.

 1) Use Adjectives

Use adjectives in addition to your main keywords. Many people use adjectives when searching such as: Cheap, Amazing, Beautiful and Quality.

  2) Use Spelling Variations

Searchers may use the US or UK spelling variation. Use both variations in your keyword list. Example

Color pencil, colour pencil
Cheque – check

 3) Competitors Keywords

See what keywords your competitors are targeting to urge new ideas.

 4) Short Keywords Phrases

Organize and focus your keywords into short phrases.

 5) Avoid Single-Word Keywords

Single-word queries generally produce the highest volume of searches, but also the lowest amount of targeted traffic e.g. keyword “Furniture” has no apparent sense because furniture keyword has broad vision. I you will focus on Home Furniture, Office Furniture and Bedroom Furniture. It will make clear sense and target to you to your specific market.

 6) Miss spelling

Never use miss spelling in contents of important keywords. But we use misspell related the keywords to reduce the pay per click cost. For example we can use “Marketing Expert” into “Marketing Xpert” to reduce the advertising cast and competition.

 7) Keywords Analysis Tools

For use the right keywords you can use Keywords analysis tools. If you have money to spend buy Word Tracker. Otherwise you can use free tools like Overture or Google keywords analysis tools. 

 8) Use Common Abbreviation

Try to use the important keywords abbreviation with target keywords phrases for e.g.

 SEO Vs Search Engine Optimization

PPC Vs Pay Per Click

 Use the free online tool such as Abbreviations at to find common abbreviations.


9) Plural Vs Singular

Use both Plural and Singular words in your keywords. Like

Dublin Hotel

Dublin Hotels

10) Use Separated & Merged Keyword

Use keywords with variations Merged and Separated with Hyphen and space. Like:

Email, e-Mail, E Mail


11) Brainstorming

Thinking of what your customers or potential visitors would be likely to type in to search engines in an attempt to find the information or services your site offers.

Rizwan Zahid


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